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any tracfone codes?


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You can only use one (1) Bonus Code per card (and lately -- one (1) code, one (1) time per phone identification/registration number).


If you really want to keep up with all of the TracFone offers and bonus codes, I'd suggest that you join the Tracfone Group on Yahoo.


I would also suggest that you check that before you buy any Tracfones, you'll find out all about the latest deals that you can get when you're purchasing a Tracfone (online purchases are almost always much cheaper than in stores).



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:yup:Thei first code is expired as of Jan 4th when I tried it, but the second code gave me extra minutes.:)THANK YOU

Use with a 60 Minute Card (or higher)

Enter Code: 58094 for 60 Free minutes

Enter Code: 51283 for 60 Free minutes

Enter Code: 55698 for 50 Free Minutes

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Thanks for the codes. Picked up my DS a tracfone at Wal Mart the day after christmas for 10.00. It is the motorola c139. it comes with double minutes for life. bought him a 60 minute card for 20.00 and ended up all together with 200 minutes and a phone for 30 bucks. His birthday was 2 days ago so this made him so happy!
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