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Meijers..Nestle Christmas cookie sale/deal


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I stopped at Meijers after work and I picked up a few things for dinner. Since I 'm basically done with shopping I figured I'd buy stuff to make simple sugar cookies.


I came across the dairy section and they had in the cooler the Nestle Toll house Christmas shapes cookie packs on sale this week for 3 for $5... not bad;)..... however on closer look they had the instant manufacturers coupons on them for $1.00 off one package:eyepoppin... I was huh??


So needless to say I bought a whole crap load of them....My boys could care less about measuring, mixing, and baking... they just want to decorate... So how awesome.



I got 6 packages of 24 cookies each.....all for a total of $4.00.:yup:.. these are regular priced about $3 each.... so it would have ran about $18.


They had:


Christmas shapes package (snowman, stocking, and tree) comes with frosting packet

Christmas trees (green colored dough)



I'm going back tomorrow to get more tree ones.!!! We can bake/make them and give as extra hostess gifts.


Just incase anyone wanted a quick and each project to do with the kids..LOL:gdlicklips:




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