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Alltel cell phone

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Guest online_assistan

I HATE ALLTEL..... my husband and I got palms 350.00 phones and already we have taken them in to get replacements they send me REFURBISHED PHONES! No one in the store knows how to use them closest wiz for them is 90 miles away. They gave me his phone number but I figure if I am going to buy that expensive of a phone someone out of 2 alltel shops someone should know how to use it.


When I needed a loaner they gave be this ancient old phone and I asked if a family member had one could I use that one. They said yes it was no problem. Took it in and they put all my contacts in took about 5 mins. PLUS the 30 mins. waiting in line.


Ask around to family and friends also try craigslist or amazon. Amazon may be hard they really don't do a lot of alltel phones mostly sprint. Hope you find a phone :)

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Could you buy an Alltel prepaid phone and transfer the SIMS card from your original phone? Walmart has 3 Alltel prepaid Alltel cell phones online the cheapest one is $24.94 the most expensive $59.94. HTH

Alltel does not use sim cards. I am looking for the same thing and EBAY prices are crax=zy and the feedback for the phones being sold are not good.

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I LOVE my Alltel service and I have used several different providers (Sprint, At&T before the merge AND Cingular


My best advice is to pay for the optional insurance. I get a new replacement phone every 3 months that way whether I need it or not, I am not sure what the price is for newer customers but I only pay $5 a month and a $30 deductable to get a new phone! HTH


Oh and it doens't matter what happens to your phone even if you lose it or flush it down the toilet the phone is still covered!

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