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Hallmark $2 off $10 and $5 off $20


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I was able to use the coupon on webkinz- I bought the turtle for DD4 and some clothes.

This is going to be a webkinz filled Christmas LOL.


THANKS again OP !!

thats funny at the Hallmark I work at we are not allowed to let any customers use coupons on Webkinz...or any other webkinz merchandise. I was told that was as per Ganz policy.....maybe its just my store afterall.

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As a former store manager, I can tell you the policies vary by store. Technically on Hallmark issued certificates, they are usually good only on Hallmark branded merchandise. However, some stores are more lax with their policies and will allow the coupons on anything. We also used to be more relaxed with our regular customers. It is best to try it and play dumb about the policy. As far as the post about the gold crown card, by all means sign up for one. i get so much money back every year it is crazy (not as much as when I worked there though :)). It really is a good program.
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