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NFL Complete History DVD Sets @ amazon.com $12.99/$13.99 w/ fs over $25 - Most teams!


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Picked up a couple of these NFL Complete History DVD'S at 48-52% off as gifts for my nephews. I think it's a gift a true football fan of any age would enjoy!


Here's a few links for some teams, but there are tons more that I don't have time to list. Search for team on amazon.com if you don't see what you're looking for here!


NFL Films - Colts - The Complete History $12.99:



NFL Films - Bears - The Complete History $13.99:



NFL Films - Packers - The Complete History $12.99:



NFL Films - Cowboys - The Complete History $12.99:



NFL Films - Broncos - The Complete History $13.99:


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Sorry that all of you couldn't find the teams you were looking for. I was able to find all five of the teams I needed and saw a few others along the way, so I assumed most NFL teams were available.


Looks like they have them available in the following teams only:

Packers, Colts, Cowboys, Bears, Broncos, 49ers, Eagles, Giants, Raiders, and Steelers.


Most ship right away, but a couple are now saying up to three weeks.


Hope this clarifies a little!

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