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HELP! Which GPS? I dont understand the terms.

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I'm wanting a GPS for myself and my DH and there are so many great sales on them now but I dont know what to look for. The prices vary so much and I cant really tell the difference between them.


DH is a delivery driver and I would like one that he can take out of his car when he goes to work and use in his work truck... Is this possible?


Do they all update maps and traffic delays automatically or only certain kinds? I would like one that would tell me "Main st has a bad accident. Take this other road" kind of thing.


There is going to be a Garmin Nuvi 200 on sale at Wal-Mart tomorrow only for a very good price - is it what I want?


I've tried to understand all of the reviews and features but they all speak in GPS terms and codes 'This one has the blahblah 2016 feature' etc. I just dont get it.


Can someone please help me?!?! :eyepoppin:confused::(

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I have the Magellan Roadmate 2000 and my son has the Tom Tom One third generation. They both are great, but the one thing I like about the Tom Tom is the fact that you can change the voice that is giving directions from male to female and the volume is louder than the Magellan Roadmates. I know that probably sounds stupid, but when you have on the radio or your vehicle is noisy, it makes ALL the difference with not making a wrong turn. :D
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