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walmart secret sales?


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Does anyone know when the Eyefi 47" Widescreen HD-Ready LCD HDTV with Full HD 1080p, LX4700 went to 898? I waited and it didnt go at midnight MST so I missed out as its gone now :(

No telling its been different almost every night..I didn't wait up last night to see...BUT some people are reporting if you print the page out and take it into Walmart they MIGHT price match it IF the item is IN STORE...that has been mostly on smaller toy items that sellout online but it wouldn't hurt to try????


BTW I almost ordered it for DH and I got scared and made him look at it...well little did I know it was officially 2" too big for our big nice BRAND NEW Entertainment system wall from Pottery|Barn

THAT would have been so much fun to return?!?!?!:holiday09

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I went to the walmart.com/secret web page earlier this week, and there was something that said "Check back here soon to see what items will be available December 8th," but the next day, there was no date listed, just the generic message.


Did anyone else see that?

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Here's what the list of items is :


Video Rocker Chair


Vizio 50 '' Plasma TV


Gateway Laptop


HD DVD Player with 5 Free DVD's




26 '' Fury Bikes Mens and Womens


Power Tour Guitar


Girls Hanna Montana TEES


Young Mens NB Hoodies


Ladies White Stag Cable Sweaters


40GB PS3 with $50 gift card


Motorola Bluetooth Headset


Phillips MP3 Players






add http in front of line

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....I'm not too sure about Wal-Mart but I did see some in the backroom at Target the other day. They're not on the salesfloor yet, though. So maybe Wal-Mart will carry them now too?

thats quite a risk.....when we started carrying them at my Hallmark they were in a reg aisle and they found the stuffies, without tags all the time......now they are by the registers. interesting non the less.

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