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Uggs Boots For The Holidays!!!


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http://www.eastbay.com coupon codes for Uggs & More!


Buy $75 or more and use coupon code LKS17NDL for 15% off your order. Expires 12/31/2007


For No minimum use coupon code LKS4AFD to get 10% off your order. Expires 11/30/2007


If you purchase $99 or more use coupon code LKS17N99 to get $20 off your order. Expires 11/30/2007


Purchasing $75 or more gets you free shipping with coupon code EMEB7V75. Expires 12/24/2007


No minimum free shipping just use coupon code IPEB7NSH. Expires 12/24/2007


Get 15% off with Bill Me Later coupon code LKS1BML5. Expires 11/30/2007


If you need gift certificates instead use coupon code IPEBGC27 for 20% off those cards (the cards can't be redeemed until after 12/25/07). Expires 12/20/2007

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I went to look at the site - and the pair that I want

Classic short are $119 (vs $99 at other sites) and there is the following note


* This item is currently excluded from any $ off or % off discounts



My DD really wants these ... but the $$$$$:eek:

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My husband bought me two(2) pairs from uggaustralia.com -- I prefer buying from it's original retailer considering there are so many fakes out there. (ie; I had an issue with an eBay seller.)

I just find it funny when people say things like this because Uggs are not real themselves. They are made in China, and real Austrailian Ugg boots are made in Austrailia. If want a real boot the buy a pair of Koolaburra much better quality.

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As for them being authentic, I'm sure Uggs, Croc's and other Aussie retailors keep an eye out on their merchandise. Knock offs are usually found in places such as Payless.

I am not sure exactly what you mean, but I am refuring to the fact the that an ugg boot (the name of this style of boot made in austrailia), and Ugg the brand name are two different things. And that real austrailian "ugg" boots are not these. I am a little bias as I have worked in a shoe store a while back that sold real austrailian ugg boots long before Oprah started slanging them on her TV show. The Koolabura's we sold were a hot item every year in our company at winter and people could not wait for deliveries; that is people who were looking for a real ugg boot before it became a pop culture craze. The first year she had Ugg on her show, people only cared about name brand and not actually what they were buying. Sorry, it is just my pet peave.

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There is a place on the Berkstore website to sign up for specials. I just signed up. Hiopefully they will send some on-line coupons in the future. I noticed that the sizes I needed are out at their store anyway. I didn't realize that Uggs were in such high demand. No one seems to have the larger children's sizes (sizes 4 and 5).
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