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Walgreens 10 cent prints


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In our paper today, Walgreens has various coupons (Phoenix, AZ).


Coupons include:

10 cent digital prints

4/$3 2 liter soda

3/$1 huge candy bars (regulary 1.79)

and various others.


I haven't seen digital prints this cheap. And with pick-up, you have no shipping!

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Our price is .12 each - shipped to house only - NOT free shipping unless 100+

.15 either in store or online if 100+

in-store 30-99 = .19 each

walgreens.com - 1-99 = .19

In store - fewer than 30 = .29 each


I need at least 30 - so the .10 pricing is very appealing. Too bad the pricing is geographic based.

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Thanks so much for the info - my daughter has some images to print as well for a scrapbook for her BF so this 25/25 free deal should work. I appreciate you letting me know. I will definitely order online and pick up.
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Thanks for the code! It worked beautifully! I decided to pick-up my prints rather than have them shipped (even though it would have been free) so that it's one less charge on my CC. DH almost had a heart attck when he opened this months bill. :)
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