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Hallmark Friends and Family Days 11/30-12/2


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I went into Hallmark yesterday to buy a couple candles and cards and got a postcard/coupon for next weekends Friends and Family event. You can save 20% off your total purchase with that card excluding purchases of gift cards, keepsake ornaments or Hallmark Product Red.


I was planning on buying my kids each a Webkinz while in the store but I heard the cashier telling another customer about this sale next weekend so I decided to wait until then to make that purchase to take advantage of 20% off since each one is $14 each.

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I put down the only exclusions listed on the postcard - although I see it does say there may be other exclusions not listed. We will see - if I can't then I will pay regular price - no biggie.


I have seen the other thread but frankly the items get bought up way to quick for me, LOL. There are some crazy webkinz people out there I guess. My kids don't have any and they really haven't asked for any so it is no big loss if I don't get them.

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