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$230 Laptop... after $650.98 Instant Savings?


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Alright well that's a relief. What's the point of saying "$650.98 Instant Savings" then? Just to make it look like a bigger deal than it already is?

Best Buy does not do mail-in rebates to customers, as they simply do not believe they are fair to customers. Best Buy "pays" the mail-in rebate portion for you, and the manufacturer eventually credits the stores back for the purchases made during the sale. That is why they call it instant savings, instead of "on sale". Instead of confusing customers like they used to with having mail in rebates, instant rebates, and sale prices all mixed into one ad circular, now everything is simply an instant saving, regardless of how the advertised deal may be setup with Best Buy and the suppliers. Some instant savings will say "before instant savings", typically because those are the ones that are truly rebates of some kind from the manufacturer, and I believe they are not legally able to advertise the instant savings without having the "before savings" price.

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