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Has anyone seen the Little Mommy


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Target and TRU are going to have a super cute set of twins with a highchair, stroller and other items for $30 which is a good deal because right now its $59.99 at TRU. I am hoping to find it early at Target and just price match it. Other then that Walmart has just the dolls and so does Big Lots I think for like $15 for the twins I do believe. My daughter got twins a few years ago and still loves to play with them.
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If you're brave enough... Kohls has their toys 50% off as an Early bird special BF. They have tons of LM dolls. They had a package set that I saw advertised in Oct when they had 50% off their toys back then, but that sold out early. They may have it in stock again you can go check it out.


One of the best deals is the Little Mommy twins packs at Target. I bet those will sell fast, so if you can get them this week and price adjust that would be good :)

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