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Hobby Lobby Sale?

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I don't know if they do a BF sale. I actually was planning to call them today to see what time they're opening. I'll keep you posted.


As for flyers, they normally will post one every week in the local rinky dink papers that has a 40% off coupon. For example, the big paper here is the AZ Republic, but inside of it you'll get your town's personalized republic, and 1x/week you'll get the free local newspaper.



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You can see thier ad online and print the coupons. My town JUST got a Hobby Lobby so I am unsure if they do Black Friday deals or not, Ad is released on Sunday (good starting monday since they are closed Sundays) you can usually view it online late Saturday night


HTH! I thought about getting a job there JUST to get the discounts but I like spending all day on this site looking for deals too much to get a job :o

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