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walmart secret sale for friday


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People at FW report that one of the specials will be 10 free Blu-Ray DVD's instantly with the purchase of 80GB PS3. You will still be eligible for 5 more free by mail. The only restriction is that all titles must be priced at $30.00 or less.
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Minimum of 1 mixer per store and 2 ps3s per store :( What a deal :yuck:


Seriously, they built up their bf ad and it is crap (imo, sure there might be a few ok deals, but nothing worth standing in line for. jmo), and now the secret sales might as well just be kept a secret if only 1 or 2 people can actually get them!

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Last year when they had the minimum stated--- that's all they had at any of the stores around. I called all 12 and they only had the minimum.... It's one of those things they use to get folks in the doors to buy OTHER things!

If it said a minimum of say 10, it would be worth a shot maybe, but 1 or 2??? That's just ridiculous!

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They listed the other items for friday.


Branded Laptops - $388.00

XBOX 360 - $280.00 with free $50 gift card

Featured Video Games - $20.00

Featured New DVD Releases - $12.00

Rubik's Cube - $6.00

Dynacraft Scooter - $15.00

Ladies White Stag Knit Turtleneck - $5.00

Ladies White Stag Knit Split Neck Top - $5.00

Men’s Rustler Jeans - $7.00


The deal on the laptops and xbox 360 is good... might just buy them.

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