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Blockbuster Coupon a hoax!


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My friend went into Blockbuster today to use the coupon for 2 movies, 2 drinks and a bucket of popcorn today and they told her it is a hoax! I have had this coupon e-mailed to me several times and saw it on Gottadeal somewhere but can't find the thread. Just thought you might like to know...has anyone else tried to use theirs? Sorry if this is old news...it was new to me!
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Hubby is a Blockbuster mgr. THe coupon is FAKE. Every one is supposed to have a diff # on it, and these dont. They are indeed sent to some customers, but like I said they have unique #s on them. The one going around is absolutely a fake. Someone sent out a copy of thier coupon. It is a one time use code. He said he sees about 10 of these a day.
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