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WALMART toy BLOW OUT... All clearance toys $1 or $5 at mine


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It started a few days ago ( I just found out! :mad: ) I got several $50 items (not sure what they are yet) but I got them for $1 tons of playdough sets $1 crayola paint sets for the sidewalk $1. We had three rows of clearance now there is one!. They said the need the space for Christmas toys!


Just thought I'd give you the heads up if you have a big clearance section, keep an eye out, they may be giving it away to! Some things that were $75 (remote Cont. things were onlt $5 :eyepoppin , I missed out on those!:mad: )


Did get good stuff but missed even more than I got.

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ok after I read this thread I went to walmart and I found a Hannah Montana lamp alarm clock and mirror for 10 bucks each.... orig 26 to 29. Also 2 hannah montana storage bins(the cloth ones that fold up) for 5.00... orig 15 i think A two pack high school musical get your head in the game and high school musical to cd board game for 14.98.... no orig. A two pack pirates of the Caribbean for 4.98... no orig. and a mega block pirates of the Caribbean play set for 9.98...... orig 27.00. The kids that I know that are into this stuff I have already bought christmas stuff for so I am going to put it up for there b days.
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I am not even going to try my Walmart. I think they have declared the back half of our garden center permanent clearance and never do mark downs. They one item I have looked at for nearly 3 years and it is still the same price.

HAHA! My walmart only has CRAP when they finally put it on what I call Bluelight special and they announce it over the loudspeaker...


In my small town they could put a RED clearance tag with a price marked $5 OVER the regualr price and some dumb person would buy it...I swear we have clearance morons in this town....They eat everything up before it has a chance to go lower!

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