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All Wii Accessories 40% OFF @ Meritline - Most with Free Shipping


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are the wii skins a good itea to keep the remotes nice?

They are nice, but you don't have to buy one. All the new Wiis and remotes are coming with a grip included. If yours didn't have one you can request them at http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jac...ketrequest.jsp. My new Wii came with one, but the Wii Play game with remote didn't.


Of course if you want a design or colored one you would have to buy that. The Nintendo ones are clear color.

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I just bought a Wii for my children for Christmas. What accessories do we need? Is the docking station a necessity? TIA for any advice. The 40% looks good with free shipping.

The only accessory we have is a dual docking/charging station. It came with rechargeable battery packs and that's where you charge them up. We were going through batteries so fast we had to do it. It's great! The charge seems to hold a VERY long time, since the kids are terrible at actually putting the remotes in the docking station but they've never run out of juice. We got ours at Walmart or Target for around $30.


Also, I got my Wii in a bundle and it came with an extra remote and nunchuck, I can't imagine having at least 2 remotes.


Hope that helps.

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I got the free sleeves through Nintendo and they are nice. Work well when using the Wii for a long time. I think the Wii's come with them now since so many people were having the Wii slip out of their hand. Search the posts for this and you will find it here on GD.
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