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Anyone heard of a IVO tv?

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My DH and I were at Walmart this afternoon and they have a 27 inch IVO tv for $189.00. We are looking for a bigger tv for our family/play room in our basement. This one will replace the 19 inch we have now. We have never heard of this brand so we weren't sure if it was a good deal or not. The walmart employee said that he hadn't heard anything bad about them and have sold quite a few of them and have had no complaints but...., you never know.

Anyone know anything about this brand?


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Do you mean Vivo? Look on the Wal-mart web site and they have reviews on there. From what I read they do not seem to bad. We just bought a TV last weekend from Best Buy, which is the 42" Philips. All I can say is I love it so far. The picture looks like it is in HD even when it is not. Hope this helps!!
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