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Lakeside online only specials


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New- online only specials. Lots of affordable toys, great gifts, lots of Christmas items, also As Seen on TV items.


I have ordered from them several times (catalog), and have ordered some internet specials- once in a while, especially this time of year, they will email you that the item you ordered is no longer available, but have had pretty good results.


Unfortunately havent really seen any free shipping offers for them.



Sorry, forgot to list web address- I cant put it because I am a new member, but it is just lakeside

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Just so you all know, LTD Commodities (which is basically the same company as Lakeside) adds new online only specials every Monday.

Thank you for this tip. Some of the items I wanted are cheaper than Lakeside. BUT...they do not tell you the shipping charge BEFORE you place the order! That kind of kills the deal for me.:(
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