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Dream Life Plug n' Play game $25.67 (was $49.99) SHIPPED at toysrus.com!


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This is the cheapest I've ever seen it! I picked mine up at the store but would have paid this,lol. Everyone I have talked to said this game is great and it has good reviews.



Dream Life Plug n' Play game




Merchandise Subtotal: $19.98

Estimated Shipping and Handling:$5.69

Estimated Total: $25.67


Even better deal if you spend over $49 the shipping is free!

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My DD has this and loves it. (BTW DD just turned 14, she does have mild LD) but she has also mentions the new one as well. She had a rockathon for Band a few weeks ago and there were 3 other teens that brought one to the rockaton as well ad my DD. I paid org price for mine
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We don't have a TRU anymore... I am thinking on this one for my ds11--it isn't a planned one, but darn, you had to bring it up... ;)

Isn't that the way things go here??? LMAO Probably 50% or more of my Christmas shopping was through these online deals and 100% were unplanned! As a matter of fact I remember saying I was done and not buying anything else in atleast 10 different posts!

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