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TGI FRIDAYS Non-Alcoholic Mixers W/ Stackable Rebates At Bed, Bath & Beyond


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Hope I'm posting this in the right forum...Did a search and didn't find it listed:


Today at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, they had several flavors of TGI Fridays Non-Alcoholic Mixers. Most of these were $5.99 for a 1.75 liter bottle. Many had manufacturer's hang-tags for $3 rebates....limit three rebates per household WYB two of the 1 liter bottles, or one of the 1.75 liters. Had to include ORIGINAL receipt with each rebate. Since I wanted two rebates, I had the girl ring them separately.


Now for the fun part: BBB also has a store rebate for $5 WYB two of the mixers between 9/01/07 and 2/29/08...limit two rebates per household...include a COPY of the original receipt(s) to get rebate.


We don't drink much, but I got one each of the Pina Colada, and the Mudslide and figure I'll find something to do with 'em. (Wonder if they'd be good for making flavored coffee drinks?) Basically after both rebates, I paid fifty cents per bottle.


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