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4 pairs of genuine gemstone chip earrings $4.99 shipped


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Set features 4 pair of earrings set with genuine natural gemstones. Amethyst, Turquoise, Tiger's Eye and Amethyst,Peridot, Citrine, Quartz combo. Silvertone wire back pierced settings.



also alot more items for under $10 @ LimogesJewelry.com http://www.limogesjewelry.com/Default.asp


use code : FREESHIP for freeshipping on any order

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Those are cute, not what I expected, but cute!


"Sorry, we do not recognize the catalog code you entered: "freeship".

You may have incorrectly typed in the code. Please re-enter and try again."


FREE Regular shipping with all orders over $60!



standard shipping is $3.99

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