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Free 11pc Wok Set (with order): Brylane Home


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has anyone had problems with brylane home (they are telling me they are now woman within) and their crappy phone customer service? i want a microwave cart they have advertised on their main page for "wow only 34.98" and the cart when i add it is 139.98??!! so i call them to find out what im doing wrong/how to add the correct one to my cart. after being transferred 4 times im told that i can purchase it and they will give me a "store credit" in the difference. why would i want to pay over 100 extra for an item just to be given a store credit for the difference? that is like handing them 100$$ of my money to "hold for me" until i decide to spend it later!!! arggggghhhhhhh


any suggestions/ similar instances? and how did you resolve it?


ps when i asked to speak to a cust svc mgr i was told they are all busy and can call me back in 24-48 hrs. *sighs* all this for a free wok set LOL (well that and an awesome price on the microwave cart)


pps...pardon if i vented.

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