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electric fireplace?


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Does anyone know where to get a good deal on an electric fireplace?


We are looking to put one in the bedroom- mostly for looks. I dont want those that burn the gel fuel. I just want the easy plug in deal.


They have one I like at home depot for $800. I just wondered if I could find one for less elsewhere or on-line.....





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If you have a Menards by you check there.

We dont have a menards yet, they are building it now! YEAH!


Also, I did check on the above suggestions- sams, walmart. I liked the ones at sams - but my fav was oos. (only $600 too!)


I would LOVE to be able to wait BUT I really do need it now.


I'll keep looking. I did try to get the one from home depot with 10% off internet only coup and they would not give me the discount in store- someone had posted they did for them. They sd only if I opened a hd credit card- which I did not want to do.

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