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Dale & Thomas Popcorn $20 Gift Card Giveaway - Week 4


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Our friends at Dale and Thomas Popcorn have given us $20 gift cards to give away every week through the end of the year!

* Each week we'll have a new giveaway that will start on Monday and will end at midnight ET on Sunday night. Giveaways will be posted in different sub-forums each week, so you'll have to look around to find it.

* Each week's contest will have a different theme as well to keep things interesting. You must enter each week separately - entries do not carry over week to week.

* At the end of each week, we'll select a winner who will receive a $20 Dale and Thomas Popcorn gift card.

THIS WEEK'S CONTEST: Reply with a creative use for popcorn that does not involve eating it.

Good luck to all :)
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Wal-Mart thief uses flaming popcorn bag :eyepoppin

ORLANDO - A bag of popcorn was intentionally set on fire inside a Wal-Mart in Orlando on Thursday night, prompting officials to evacuate and close the store, according to authorities.


Fire officials responded to reports of flames inside the Wal-Mart on Clarcona-Ocoee Road in Orlando Thursday night.


A fire extinguisher was used to stop the fire before there were any injuries and a store manager said she believes the fire was set as a diversion to steal items from the store.


Investigators are viewing surveillance video to see if they can spot the culprit.

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Popcorn is great to use to prank someone!! Use the cabinet located right about someone's toilet. Open both doors and carefully fill them with popcorn (using a piece of cardboard to hold the popcorn in). When full, shut the doors, and carefulyl slide the cardboard out. Next time someone tries to get inside of the cabinet, they'll have a big surprise waiting for them!
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