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Are there any new KOHL's coupons?

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:mad: Well, the site is back up...sort of...but how lame is this??!!!


Several items that I looked at yesterday in Clearance...not sale but clearance...they have raised the prices on! One dress in juniors went up more than 12.00. How convenient for them. Just in time for the 30%,20%,15% deal.

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You should call Kohls. I was trying to place an order last night and it wouldn't go through. I tried again early this a.m. and it went through but not at the sale price that was listed last night so I just got off the phone w/Kohls cs. They adjusted the price back to the sale price and even knocked off the shipping charge b/c of the hassle.
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The free shipping code for MVC users is MVC8650. That definitely helps!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D



I've been wanting to get the WowWee Dragonfly for my husband :) and with the free shipping code, the 30% off, plus it's on sale, I only paid $29.95! Hooray!!

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