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Dollhouses: Loving Family or So Suite (Target)

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Anyone Have an opinion here? I know the loving family one is popular and also cheaper. I like that the Target one is on a larger scale and will fit the barbie dolls that my DD4 already has so I wouldn't have to buy all new dolls all over again. At almost double the price of the Loving Family, though, I dont know if I will save that much in the doll area. Does anyone know if Target ever marks down the wooden toys or think that it might happen before christmas? If not, I might decide to go for the Loving Family b/c TRU has the accessories B1G1 right now.TIA!
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We bought the Imaginarium Doll House from TRU last year & DD LOVES it. It is similar to the Target Wooden house just a bit more colorful, I think the one at Target is mostly pastel. Ours was $99 and it came w/a bit of furniture. We were actually thinking of buying a few of the target furniture sets for our dollhouse this year.
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