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$30 off $100 purchase or $15 off at THE LIMITED


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I thought the same and picked up some earrings- they claimed its on sale and did not let me use the discount. I did not see any sale signs though :mad:

So is a sale item considered a markdown? When I read the coupon I first thought of clearanced items. It doesn't say sale items are excluded. I would've been upset, too.

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My dh and I each used a coupon to purchase a pair of $16 earrings for my dd for only $1.06 a pair. She loved both pair, even said thank you:shock:

Tell her I said you're welcome!


I feel bad because I have been so busy at work so I haven't even had time to go to the mall (Northpark is next to my work) to try it out so I dunno if it works with sale items or not. I'm pretty sure it will work for sale items though because this coupon has worked in the past.

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