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ACE HARDWARE Black Friday Ad Posted!


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And here they come! Thanks, Brad!


A few nice things on that doorbusters list, however it probabbly won't be my line-waiting store either. Might stop in later to see if any of the portable DVD players or digital pic frames are left.

Ace was the only store I went to last year, for the dvd player. I got there at 5:55 AM (our store opened at 7) and was the first in line. Ours is on Main Street (in a small town) so I could park right in front of the door but I brought a chair, my newspaper and a mug of coffee. A couple was a minute or two right behind me for the dvd player too. I think they only had ten. Quite a few more showed up pretty early and most were for the dvd player and a couple were there for some other electronic I don't remember. This store has a back door too but luckily the dvds were at the front register (I could see them thru the window). So at 7, the doors opened, I grabbed two dvd players (one for my ds and one for my sil) and was at work by 7:15. Just an FYI.

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