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Order Issue with realrosebeads.com

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I wanted to know if anyone else has ever tried ordering from www.realrosebeads.com? I placed an order on April 25th of this year. I paid $155.50 by credit card (which I will never do again online.), and received a confirmation that said:




Thank you!! As every thing is hand made and made to order. Your order will be shipping within approximately 4-6 weeks. Please print this receipt for your records. If you are paying by check or money order we will ship when we receive your check."


I sent several emails after the 6 weeks were up and several more after that. I have never received a response. I contacted the Better Business Bureau on 6/29/2007 but after several attempts to contact the owner they closed the case and marked it as UNPURSUABLE.


This incident has made me very skeptical with online purchases from small businesses and now I only use Paypal to pay for an order.


Is there any furthers steps that I can take? None of the addresses online are correct, since everything mailed gets returned. Even the phone number I have goes straight to voicemail.

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You sure can and THEY WILL find the others to get their money back! I have had it happen before and the CC company credited it back to me. Also try to get any information email etc that you have sent to them trying to communicate with them and the BBB report you filed to make it easier and maybe speed it up.


Hope it helps!


I went to the website and found some contact info you may can use....I subscribed to a detective site and have info for you.... I'll PM you look for it

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Glad to help. Some really go out of thier way to help others, I wanted to be the one this time to help. I got the one of the net detective services a few years back when you only paid $15 for life. Now it is like 25 a month!:gd_dollar


It comes in REAL handy with tons of personal info on others available, which comes in handy in my line of work! Have a great day!

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