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How can I spread the word about GottaDeal?


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There are many ways that you can help us spread the word about GottaDeal and let others know that we have the best Black Friday site around.


Some ideas:


1. Contact your local media. Tell them a little bit about the site, tell them how much you like it and that you think it would be a good subject for a story. You can send them to our Press Room page which has links for them to contact us to set up an interview or to get access to more background information.


2. Post about the site being open on other web sites and message boards that you belong to. Be sure that this would not be considered spamming before you do it, but if you know it's OK to do so, that can help us a lot. We've already seen a few of you posting about it elsewhere, and that has helped us continue to bring in the new members.


3. Tell people you know. Word of mouth is also a good way to help out. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. If you have your own web site, feel free to post a link on it.


Also, keep in mind that you can earn GottaPoints for referring people to the forum and getting them to register. To get your personalized referral link, go to your User Control Panel and your referral link will be displayed for you to copy and paste elsewhere.


If you have any questions, or have other suggestions for ways to promote the site, please reply to this thread.


Please keep all replies directly related to this topic. Off-topic replies will be deleted.

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