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Buy Maden 08 at TRU and get 50% off another video game


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Buy any Madden 08 Video Game and get another video game for 50% off of equal or lesser value (small exclusion list applies)

Online Promo: Buy any Madden 08 Video game and get one select video game for 50% off (of equal or lesser value).

Offer valid 8/14/07 - 8/18/07

+ Get FREE Shipping (up to a $20 BillMeLater statement credit)

on all orders using BillMeLater

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Did you notice they took away the 1/2 off the 2nd~!!!!

I got the PSP and the PS3 in my cart, but now its not reading anything

about the 1/2 off.

Each time I order from TRU, I hate them more. :(

Maybe i'll just go in to a B&M instead of online.

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Yesterday, I was able to buy Madden 08 (using the 20% off coupon) and get 50% off guitar hero 2 for PS2 (even though it was more expensive than Madden). The clerk didn't think it would work but the register rang it up that way.

Great deal--did you get the Guitar Hero bundle or just the game?

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OMG, I am sooooooooooooooooooooo MAD!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I am officially never ordering from Toys R Us again!!

Our nearest TRU is about 1 hour and 45 mins away (3 1/2 hours round trip) and I really wanted this deal. So I decided the cost in gas would be close to the cost and shipping so I would order online. BIG mistake!! I ordered it last night and it let me order it just fine--said it was in stock and everything. Today they send me an email saying that their has been a delay in the release of Madden! WTF!?!?! Ummm, if their was a delay in the release, then how is everyone getting it at the store, and why would they list it as IN STOCK on my order??

Anyone else who ordered online have this happen?? I am so furious!!!! I feel like they are just outright lying to me!!!

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Oh wow.. that really sucks.

Did you try and call them by chance? Not that it will help,

but like you said, seems kinda weird how everyone is buying

them in the stores, but you cant online.

After I thought about it yesterday, I'm just going in to the store and get

ours for DS's b-day. Plus taking advantage of that extra 20% off.

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Today for the Wii we got Madden 08, Transformers, TMNT ($50each)


BigBrain Academy, Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer, Rayman Raving Rabbids ($25each)

Total $225+tax

Sadly, I didn't try to use the 20% off coupon...thought it wouldn't work because it says NOT valid with any other "R"Us offer on same item.

our TRU had a large supply of Madden 08 for all systems.

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My DH has a PS3 and my DD's have a Nintendo WII. Does anyone know if I could buy Madden for him and use the half off on a WII game for them or do they have to fit the same 'console'? Probably a dumb questions but I'm not a gamer lol

I believe you should be able to. My husband was able to buy Madden for Wii and get 50% off of a PS2 game.

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