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The Children's Place Outlet Hot Deals


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I just got back from The Children's Place Outlet and found tons of great deals on summer clothing. Most little girls t-shirts and shorts were $1.99, and big girls were $2.99. Also, girls jeans were $5.99. The clothes are really cute! Summer water shoes, sandals and canvas shoes were $2.99, and girls belts were $0.49. Lots of similar items in boys and infants. I had a 15% off coupon from my last vist there, so that saved me some more money. This was all the stuff that had gone down to $3.99 a few weeks ago.


These deals were way better than anything I found at Old Navy and JC Penney's this year.


If anyone has a 20% off coupon, can you please post it? Mine expired, and I want to go back tomorrow to stock up on more clothes. Thanks!

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Thank you, OP! And thank you, PP, for the coupon! I went to the outlet today and got my daughter 4 outfits, and my son 3 outfits, along with a pair of shorts, 3 pairs of sunglasses, and some tights, all for less than $25.00. Best deals all month!!!!Thanks again! :gdthankyou: :gdthankyou: :gdthankyou: :gdthankyou:
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I hit the mother load there today. I had 4 big bags of stuff for $39 with the coupon. Ours doesn't carry much for bigger boys, or smaller boys too for that matter. DD ended up with tons of stuff.


And, all socks were .25 a pair, so we stocked up. The way we lose them, I don't care what color they are!


Okay, I just tallied my loot:


21 pairs of socks

2 pairs of tights

13 bottoms- capri's, denim skirts, cotton skirts, yoga shorts and capris

2 shirts

5 hats

2 belts

4 pairs of shoes- 2 pairs of sandals for DD2,and a pair of velcro sandals and sneakers for DS7.


49 pieces for $39.00

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Thank you for the 20% off coupon! I went back yesterday and today and bought some more shorts and tops for my girls (size 4 and up). There were still a lot of those left. I found a cute baseball cap for $0.49. I also found cute turquoise purses, normally $8.50, for $0.49. I bought all of them to use as party favors at my daughter's birthday party. All tights were $0.25 so I bought lots of those, too. I am so happy that we finally got one of these stores close by!
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OK, I was just supposed to go to The Children's Place to return some of the clothes I had bought my girls. But then what did I see? Racks of clothes for 0.99! I couldn't resist, so I stocked up on girls t-shirts and shorts and a few tank tops. They mostly had t-shirts, shorts and tank tops for toddler and big girls, and t-shirts and onesies for toddler and big boys. I didn't look at the infant section. Some of the fall merchandise was marked down, like girls skirts were $6.59 (reg. $16.50), so I ended up getting a skirt for my niece. I had a 15% off code for doing a survey on the bottom of a past receipt, so I saved even more. I bought 20 items (including the skirt) and paid $22.
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went tonight Ours had a ton of little girls and boys some big girls(alot in the non-super cheap racks...6-15$ range) and almost no big boys


3 tshirts reg. 2/18$ = 30.50$ PAID:2.37


3 long sleeve blouses reg: 16.50ea = 49.50 PAID:2.37


2 crinkle skirts reg: 2/18 = 18$ PAID:1.58


2 courdaroy skirts reg: 2/18 = 18$ PAID:1.58


pink cargo pants reg: 19.50 PAID: .79


camo cargo pants reg: 19.50 PAID: .79


floral capris reg: 14.50 PAID: .79


pink capris reg: 14.50 PAID: .79


black fold over capris reg:12.50 PAID:3.91


retail:196.50 PAID:14.97



I am actually looking online for our next closest one.


Anyone willing to share which one you are shopping so that we all have an idea of what is where?


I hit the Fremont, IN outlet mall one

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