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E.L.F makeup almost everything $1 and 1/2 off $20


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I found this review on ELF




E.L.F Cosmetics: Yes or No?

September 19, 2006


"I've been getting tons of questions about e.l.f cosmetics. It seems that most people, and I really can't blame them, are a bit skeptical about beauty products for $1.


Well, I've tried the line and for the most part it's good, not Wet n Wild good, but good enough. Channeling the spirit of my celebrity make-up artist/blogger friend Elke Von Freudenberg, I do know in regards to products like eyeliner, mascara, etc. there is little difference between the products in the higher priced lines and lower priced lines like e.l.f The star of the line, in my opinion, is the kohl eyeliner, which is as good as any kohl eyeliner I've ever tried. However, e.l.f does need to go back to the lab on the eyeshadows which looks like the eyeshadows you used to get with your Styling Head Barbie. "

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I'm not expecting quality cosmetics but I have two daughters who keep stealing my makeup so this is great! I would think it would be nice to have this stuff in colors that you are thinking of experimenting with. I'm going to give some to my daughters and keep some for myself in my desk drawer at work for touch ups. Still a great buy!
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