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Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop w/ Core 2 Duo, 1GB, 120GB - Loaded! - $599 Shipped @ Dell Business


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HOT!!! Dell Business has the loaded Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop w/ Core 2 Duo, 1GB, 120GB, DVD burner, ATI 256MB graphics, WiFi and much more for $599. Free shipping is also included. Use coupon code QL1$P6CWLWTX27 to get this low price.


Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop w/ Core 2 Duo, 1GB, 120GB - Loaded! - $599 Shipped @ Dell Business



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is there anything on this laptop anyone would upgrade or add?

You may want to bite the bullet and go with XP Professional ($99 upgrade) or plan on having to upgrade the OS at some point in the future to Vista or XP Professional...


According to this article, Microsoft will only support XP Home with updates and patches through February 2009 (or so):

In early 2007, Microsoft is expected to release Windows Vista, the next generation of Microsoft Windows. Once Microsoft releases Windows Vista, Microsoft will only provide support for Windows XP Home for two years. Because it is a business product, Windows XP Professional will receive seven years of support, extending the useful life of a Windows XP Professional computer significantly.


As a result, I recommend that everyone purchase Windows XP Professional instead of XP Home.



The differences between XP Home and Pro are outlined in detail here:


(But the article was written back in 2001, so it isn't recommending XP Pro since Vista was just a glimmer in a programmer's eye vs. the About.com article I posted above).

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is there anything on this laptop anyone would upgrade or add?

If you work are moving back and forth from your desk to some other location a lot, an extra AC adapter and a dock would be very handy.


An additional Dell 90-watt AC adapter is $62 in the accessories section of your order. A Kensington Expansion dock is $59 from Dell, but you can get it from Amazon.com for $53.62 (free ship).

That way when you get back to your desk you only have one USB and one power connection to make. The dock has 5 USB 2.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port (10/100Mbps), 1 stereo out port (3.5mm), and 1 microphone port (3.5mm) and they all connect to the laptop (any laptop, actually) through 1 USB cable.


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Does anyone know how this compares to their new Vostro 1700? Also, do you know what the difference is between their small business product line and their home office product line?

The Inspiron 6400 is a 15.4" widescreen laptop. The Vostro 1700 is a 17" widescreen laptop. The Inspiron 6400 has more similarities with the Vostro 1500.


All of the Vostro laptops come in magnesium-alloy cases vs. plastic. They're also a little thinner than their Inspiron counterparts.


The Vostro laptops come with discrete video cards when paired with Intel Core 2 Duo processors (this is better than shared video if you are a gamer or need a lot of graphics power). A typical computer user may not notice the difference between a discrete video card and shared video.


The Vostro line has a 30-day return policy and a special support # to call with small-business technicians.


The Dell small business sales person I spoke to yesterday would not say that the Vostro line was the same as the Inspiron line physically though...

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I did tell me what I did wrong? On MY Cart page it says coupon entry at the bottom entered QL1$P6CWLWTX27 click apply and same price 1100 bucks

How long is this offer good for?

He or she is right.The coupon does not work anymore.

If I recall correctly, the coupon was good through August 1st, or while supplies last.


The Inspiron 6400 was a discontinued model, hence the blowout pricing and lack of Vista availability.


As with all Dell deals on this site, if you see it and you want it, hurry up and buy it! Even their coupons are for a limited number of redemptions.

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