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Black Friday Are You Ready? / Countdown


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Maybe I'm BF crazy, but after all day watching football I tend to be really hyped up about BF. I start thinking of my game plans, my speed and technique of grabbing that last Care Bear :D , and the rush for the next store. What do you guys think?

you're in the right place.


start that gym regime now to get yourself into optimal BF shape. run past everyone into the store! (of course, a moot point if you're at a store that hands out tickets..)

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Im looking forward to it, BUT I have so much stuff already bought that I know I'll end up going over board. From the deals I find here throughout the year I buy buy buy. My kids are 90% done already.


My dad DONE

My mom DONE

My husband DONE


Only have to get a few video games and a TV for my bedroom and a few things for my daughter and thats that

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