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Rental car deals?

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Guess I'm going to have to buy an Entertainment book to get my enterprise coupon. I saw a post where they're down to $8 now.

I found these discounts during my search


Hertz: CDP # 160018 Upgrade PC# 996903, $20 off weekend (Full size & up) PC# 996925

$20 off week (full size & up) PC# 996914


Alamo: $20 off (4 day minimum rental-any size) ID# 7013563 Code# AD2131DDI

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Here are the 2 best codes that anyone can use on the market.


Avis - C031... AWD

Hertz - 1757580 CDP






WARNING: DO NOT use Avis C03___9 AWD discount code anymore. I got a

very reliable confirmation from an inside guy that this code is black

listed now. Effective immedately, all benfits associated with code are

removed(including free LDW insurance), anyone use this code will pay

maxiumum rack rate regardless of reservation or website showing rate as

well as company ID must be produced. A warning flag has been raised on

this AWD and most likely you will be questioned about where you got the

code. All in all, this code is nothing but trouble from now on.


I recommend people to use Hertz CDP discount. It's the best

discount and choice now.


Oh well, it was great while it lasted.

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