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Couple of Flash MP3 player deals (getting warmer)

Big Smooth

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Edit: Price drops on the iRivers at Amazon, the iFP-180T is now only $41.88 AR.


The highly rated Sandisk 256MB Red MP3 player w/FM tuner and voice recorder is available at Buy.com for $62.99 shipped, or $57.99 with the $5 off $50 new customer coupon.


Also, Amazon has the 128MB iRiver iFP-180T on clearance for $51.14 shipped AR. The 256MB version, the iRiver iFP-190T for $74.99 shipped AR. These also get good reviews, have FM tuners and voice recording... overall pretty similar to the Sandisk but some people prefer the iRiver brand.


These flash-based players will probably continue to drop in price with the advent of the iPod Shuffle, but these are good prices right now so I thought I'd post 'em just in case! :cool:

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AM tuner? AM = Ancient Modulation ! :jester:


Sadly, there aren't many AM radio stations on the air any more around here. I listen across the band trying to find the good old reliable ones from days gone by and they just aren't there anymore. :rant:


BTW, in case you were wondering ...


FM = Funky Modulation :fedora:

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