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GameFly codes or promos

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Hello just wondering if anyone here has any codes or promos for GameFLy or

any service like that? From what DS tellls me it is like NetFlix/Blockbuster only

with video games.


We FINALLY got a Wii today at Target..I called the store closest to me they had gotten

10 in and they were sold out as soon as the store opened. I called the Target next closest

to me and they had gotten 35 Wii's and had 25 left...and this was 2 hours after they

opened. Its so wierd as the 2 stores are about 6 miles apart.

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I can't help with any codes, but I use Gameznflix . They have games and movies for one price. I have the yearly price. It's $249 a year, but I get 6 out at a time. I can do the Refer a friend thing with an email so that you can try it for a month if you'd like. WE've used it a lot and like it. Sometimes they ship things out of order, but not a big deal.
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Yes, they have monthly plans, too. You can get 3 items out at a time for $16.99 a month, 2 out for $12.99 a month and 1 for $8.99 a month. Since I pay annually, I don't know if I'd get the credit or not. I just pay when the anniversary date rolls around. We've been with them since April of last year. It works the same as Netflix, but they don't have nearly as many movies, and their movie search is a lot harder to use. I think they are owned by Circuit City IIRC. My husband has a PS2, PS3, Xbox, and a 360 and he likes their selection even if they are a little odd in their shipping. For instance, the list will say that your #1 is in and available, and they'll still ship #4 occsaionally. They have Wii games too, but we don't have a Wii (yet LOL) They used to do PSP games and UMD's, but not anymore :( I just checked and I don't see the annual option on the list anymore :(


You can get a 14 day free trial without a referral code from their site too--My favorite thing about them is that they ship from one location that is REALLY close to me, but they have others too

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I can do the Refer a friend thing with an email so that you can try it for a month if you'd like.


Can I be you friend? lol


We went to Blockbuster to rent a game the other night and it was $7.99. Hubby left the game and said he would rather rent them online than pay that much.

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