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Thing Fling $10 Mystery Bag for HER


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https://www.thingfling.com/home/index.rails - I've made 2 puchases prior from TF and have been very happy with what I have gotten!


Still the Best $10.00 $9.99 Mystery Bag on the Market


We thought we would sneak in a Thing Fling $9.99 Mystery Bag. The twist is that it's for her. "Her" is defined as you (if you are a she), wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend, grandmother, aunt, niece, goddaughter - just name it. We will send you 2 items, each has a retail value of at least $15.00 plus shipping which would cost you at least $35.00 - $40.00. We are selling these so cheap, that the manufacturer will not allow us to publish his name at this time. This is not clothing or jewelry so you do not have to worry about the size or whether it will fit. It can be used by any female. Now you are getting 2 items. You can keep them both, give one away, give them both to the same person or one to one person a second to another. We are not limiting the amount of Mystery Bags you could purchase but all the items have similar features. I'll just say this, I brought them home for my wife, daughter and mother-in-law (yes, even her) and they all thought they were great, useful and clever.


You won't be disappointed. The best $10.00 ($9.99) Mystery Bag is still here.


Remember, at Thing Fling it's not a deal ------It's a steal!!

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