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kids water shoes...looking for deal

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I saw some in small sizes in WalMart last night that were not expensive. I got my son Skeechers water shoes end of season last year at Toys R Us and he wore them to a pool party last week. I'm excited that they fit him! I figured they'd just be good for our winter vacation to Disney, but maybe he can get a little more use out of them. :)
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thanks...I got last years pair at walmart and wasn't impressed. I will try target.

The ones that Walmart, Target and Payless sell are pretty much the same thing.

Are you looking for something more shoe-like?

Stride-Rite has some nice ones for $24.00. Here is the link if you want to take a look.



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You can get the Stride Rite ones on Shoebuy.com and get $10 off! I love Shoebuy, lol. I bought Crocs for my kids there on Thursday night and they shipped yesterday afternoon. Free shipping! They'll end up costing you around $15, but they'll certainly last the whole season as long as you size it right. You didn't say boy or girl, but they have both. Here is one of the boy ones:




And girl ones:



Oh yeah, to get the $10 off go to www.msn.com and scroll down near the bottom right of the page where it says $10 off shoes. There is also a thread for Shoebuy in the online hot deals forum. This special is available intermittently. I missed it the last time (about a week ago) but caught it this time. If you miss it, it might be worth it to wait another week or so and it will probably come back.

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I bought my 3 year old some at Big Lots a couple weeks ago. I think they were about 5.00. Don't know if you have a Big Lots near you or if they would have any left. I'm in central Ohio and the store I went to had tons of them. HTH
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