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Disney Towel, Beach Chair or PJs- 2 for $18 shipped


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Thank you for posting this.. I bought one towel, sweatshirt and PJ in Tinkerbell for one of my twins and I CANNOT WAIT till she sees her box, just in time for her birthday. Now if I could find all this in Strawberry shortcake I could be done with Christmas.
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WOW! What timing.. Summer vacation coming and we're heading to the beach. My 11 yr ds loves Pirates, 3 yr ds loves Lightning McQueen. Won't it be a great surprise for them to have their own personalized beach towels! Thanks OP!
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Did anyone get any shipping info? When I check order tracking it doesn't show my order has even been placed. I ordered two days ago.


I have:



Thank you for your recent order! We are pleased to advise

the following items have been shipped!


Order Number: xxxxxxxxxx Order Date: 4/21/07

Date Shipped: 4/24/07



Shipment Tracking Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx





1. CARS-BOYS PJ PAL-BLUE (49523/ 12) Qty : 1


2. INCRDBL UNIFORM-PJ PAL-RED (49521/ 12) Qty : 1


3. BUZZ-BOYS PJ PAL-BLUE (49525/ 12) Qty : 1


4. ARIEL-PJ PAL-BLUE (49518/ 08) Qty : 1


5. DASH-PJ PAL-ORANGE (49522/ 12) Qty : 1


6. TNK/FAIRIES-PJ PAL-PINK (49509/ 08) Qty : 1



Now I just wish I could have gotten the free "Mother" Picture Tote! :cheesy:

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Ohhhhh....I see that they have changed the deals on the site. Seems like the 2 for $15 is gone as well as the $5 shipping, the 10% off AND the free Mother's Day Picture Tote!


WOW....talk about your total re-do! :D






I got the pjs today and I must say I LOVE THEM! They fit perfectly....not too small and not to tight! Great Deal :groovin:

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I missed this deal but checked out the site and stacked two codes they are offering now

ship60 got me free shipping for spending 60 bucks

today15 got me 15% off


Thanks for the heads up, cute stuff and still bargain prices.

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