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Prom -Teenage Son- tuxedo deal??

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My son will be going to his first prom this year. He will be paying for prom with his own money (I'm such a mean mom:gdcry: )... anway -- I'd love to help him find a great deal on a tux. He only makes about $100 per week at Kroger bagging groceries and is saving for a car so a tux is probably the last thing he wants to spend his money on.



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We just did this a couple of weeks ago, and in our area tuxes ran from basic-49.99 up to over 150.00. If he wants the basic black..great, if he wants colored tie and vest, it was additional 25.00. We went with a middle range for 100.00 that gave a choice of vests, ties, and such. Check out your local floral shops, as a lot of them are turning into a "one stop shop" for floral & tux rental. Ours gave a great dicount on the corsage with a tux rental!!
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