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Easter Flowers

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I just placed an order from www.proflowers.com. I used the link below to get 20% off my order. Then I typed in 19.99 into the search area to pull up the Thank You Petite Rose bouquet for $19.99 added the Glass Ginger Vase for 9.99 and delivery is 8.99-9.99. I sent these for tomorrow delivery or else Sat. delivery is double. :( My total came out to $34.89. Hope this helps!






Just finished my second order ... I figured its the holiday's why not make my mom happy!


I will add the link below for 2 dozen Roses + Free Glass Vase. With tax and delivery, it was $42.38. Maybe one of these will work for you. Happy shopping!


http://products.proflowers.com/productdetail.aspx?pID=41129&REF=FGVPFPFRE07MAR1299 This is for Assorted Roses


http://products.proflowers.com/productdetail.aspx?pID=41130&REF=FGVPFPFRE07MAR1299 This one's for all red.

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Thanks! I had found a free vase and 10%(?) off link, but my order for the two dozen roses still came to about $40 and I had $35 in my mind.


Here's what I got with your 20% code:


36 Assorted Petite Easter Roses $39.99: $29.99

20% discount on your product price: -$6.00

Tax: $1.20

Standard Express Delivery: $10.99




TOTAL: $36.18


Thanks, again!

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