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Amazing freebie.... FREE credit score from Transunion!

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I don't know if everyone knows or not but you can pull your credit report from each agency once a year for free or anytime you have been turned down for credit. We pull one once a year just to make sure everything is OK on them....
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Your old credit cards will show up for 7 yrs, sometimes 10. If they do not show "closed by grantor", or "closed by consumer" then there should be directions at the beginning or end of the credit report on how to file a dispute.


Or, you can go the the credit bureau's website and there should be directions there.

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Thanks. I just did mine. I also got my free credit report.

Does anyone know what to do if there are items that need to be removed from your report?

I still have old credit card accounts, that have been closed for years, showing up on my report.

If they are positive accounts, leave them for as long as they stay. They give age to your report, which helps your score. If they're negative, they will fall off after 7 years has lapsed. If they are innacurate, you can dispute them and request that they be removed immediately. There is some info about this sort of thing in the finance forum here and there is a lot of information available on this topic at www.creditboards.com.

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As mentioned above, you are allowed to get a free credit report every 12 months from all 3 Credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, Transunion). You can either write each agency requesting the report, or you can get all 3 through www dot annualcreditreport dot com

Also, the credit agencies will usually offer 15 or 30 day trial periods in which you can get your score, as well as use their credit tools and help sections. Just make sure to cancel before 30 days.

Also, for those looking to build or repair their credit, I have gained a ton of knowledge and good information from credit forums such as

consumers dot creditnet dot com/Discussions/ and

creditboards dot com/forums/


Just using the tips and techniques recommended by the members there, I have brought my FICO score up ~110 points in the last year.

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