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Photo Paper for InkJet

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Cheapest is to order online for delivery, usually. Second cheapest is to order online for same day store pickup. For example, I can order from Walgreens and pick up usually in just the time it takes to drive there for 19 cents per print. It's more expensive to print at home. Some avid photographers do like the ability to print at home because it makes it a bit easier when you're trying to tweak a photo. As far as economics, it's cheaper to just have a photo printed.


If you do want paper (for convenience or whatever reason), Staples has a great sale on paper this week at about 80% off. I always buy it when it's on the $1.98 sale because sometimes it's great to be able to print on the spot. I do it for the kids at Cub Scouts to have momentos or to make projects sometimes. I just bring camera, laptop, and printer and the kids have instant photos. They're very enthralled by that, lol.


Also, if you're interested in longevity, the equipment you have at home probably cannot match that of the dye sublimation process used in professional photo machines. Here's more info on that: http://www.howstuffworks.com/question583.htm

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:gdthankyou: Kayakmom


I wondered about the 'inking/dye' and you answered that too!

I am not a photo enthusiast, so I may take advantage of the sale at Staples but plan to get my prints from a kiosk.... that info helped me a lot.




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