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Macy's Clearance Sale


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I totally scored at Macy's today. Lots of items 70 - 70% off plus if you use your Macy's credit card you get an additional 15% off. I bought a pair of pants, 1 pair of capris, 5 sweaters, 2 tops, and a pair of $110 tall boots w/fur. My total before discounts/clearance would have been $486. But the clearance total made it $83.13 and with my Macy's card discount = $72.28. I'm so excited, I might go to anther Macy's later today. And since I get paid soon, I'll pay off the balance right away so no interest charges.! Sweet!:D
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I scored big last night in Macy's. I got my 2 dds each a matching holiday dress for next year, both for $11.99. They had been $50 each! Also I got a pair of jeans and a sweater for myself for a grand total of $9.99!


If anyone lives near one, I'd go check it out! :yup:

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