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Brother Handheld Labeler $9 shipped


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Brother PT-55BM Handheld P-Touch Labeler




6 charachter x 1 line display / 5 type sizes / 5 type styles / Cellular phone style keyboard for text input / Color: Blue Metallic


Create simple labels for anything around the home or office with the PT-55BM Handheld P-Touch Labeler from Brother!

Includes: PT-55BM Labeler, 1/2" Black on White Starter Tape

9 print styles

5 print sizes

4 borders

2 print lines

SMS cellular phone style keyboard

6 Character x 1 line LCD screen

Manual tape cutter

Uses 3/8" and 1/2" size type M tapes

Powered by 4 AAA alkaline Batteries (not included)

One year limited manufacturer's Warranty

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I am thinking about ordering one of these. Do the labels stick well? Or, do they peel off after a few days?


I think it really depends on what brand of tape you buy. Just stick with the brand it comes with or another good brand that you are familiar with and it shouldn't start peeling off for a long time. Atleast that was my experience with them in the past.:)

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I ordered mine today with an extra roll of the lable tape stuff through google check out for 16 and change!!!!! so got the extra roll of lable tape FREE!! Got to love that....I figure if you order it through google check out it would be 6.94 since they are charging 6.95 shipping! but that is a heck of a deal!



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How easy is it to enter text for the lables?


I'm looking at QWERTY labelers, but this is a pretty good deal.

I found it very easy to enter the text. Of course...I had to read the instructions. Then my 17 y.o. DS comes in...picks it up off the desk..and starts making labels without even thinking about it. I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble.:tongue1:

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