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Emerson EWR10D5 DVD Recorder w/ Component Output - $58.86 @ Wal-Mart


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from the page on walmart.com describing this recorder, it does not appear to have a tv tuner of any kind.

So you cannot connect it to your coax cable or antenna.

You can only connect it to a cable box with a composite or svideo output and record that.

Note that the FCC required newly shipped devices on Mar 1 2007 that have an analog (NTSC) tuner to also have a digital tuner. Thus to save money many companies are dropping the analog tuner so they dont have to add a digital tuner.

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^ good warning, but this still looks like a nice deal for people who don't need the tuner.


In my area Comcast has gone digital so analog cable tuning is useless to me anyway.


This is also the cheapest and easiest way to copy a bunch of old home movies on tape to DVD: connect the camcorder or VCR to the inputs (it includes yellow plug and S-video), press play for the tape and record for the DVD recorder, come back when it's done.

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