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looknig for a cheap external hard drive?

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If you can turn a screwdriver, it's usually cheaper to buy an internal drive and put it into an external case.


Just make sure you get the same type, for instance: a 3.5" IDE internal drive needs a 3.5" IDE external case....


If you have any old internal hard drives lying around, they can be used in an external case -- that's the cheapest! http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/Marcster2005/Smileypad/Yes/N1clever02HL1.gif

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hmmm...never thought of that

Yep, it's a great use for an old hard drive. I have FIVE of these, and my parent's have one:




Mine are black, my parent's is red (don't get the red, it's u-g-l-y, like a soapy-grey red, not the fire-engine color I was expecting).


$19.99 +S/h

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